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Operation Community Care Inc. started over 12 years ago helping youths and single families acquire essential items such as  diapers, wipes, food, back to school supplies and more.  At the height of the pandemic, we met so many families that were struggling just to pay rent. Because some were struggling with past due balances from the previous year, agencies begin to assist them. Some families, however, were unable to get help the help they needed because of the lack of resources and knowledge. That's when OCC Living was born.


With the sponsorship, partnership and generous donation of  $65,000.00 from Palladium USA in 2022, we were able to help over 40 families with rental assistance, utility payments, furniture, food and other essential needs. Now, we need you help and cooperation to continue to provide these services.


OCC Living provides the following services...

Assistance with living and rental expenses, assistance with utility payments, furniture purchases through a partnered furniture bank, food and other essential needs. We also provide financial literacy, jobs and transportation resources.


We have always believed that a strong community begins with cooperative support, shared responsibility and servant leadership. It is our mission to ensure we are there for those in need by way of these guiding principles.

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